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I've been a techie type guy since I was about 5. Tearing into old tube radios was what I did for fun.  Eventually in 1978 I got my Novice ticket.  Back then you could take a test similar to the VE testing of today.  For General and Advanced licenses  you had to go to a FCC Field office. For me, growing up in South Kortright, NY that meant a trip to Syracuse (the Buffalo field office guys came out that far east) or to Albany.  

Why is there a picture of a tractor  here?  It's a very unique tractor.  Look closely at the name - It is a Porsche. Specifically a Porsche Diesel "Super". Yes, it was a sister company of the same that sold the Porsche cars. And, no - this thing did not go fast. It did a great job at going slow. This "Super" is over 50 years old and still runs great.  This is a three-cylinder air cooled model.  My family used to sell and repair them . For a history of  the tractor, visit the Porsche Diesel Registry.

There is a interesting story behind this tractor.  50 years ago, a PD salesman, Roland Lohnert (See the Porsche Diesel Registry link above)  sold my  father his first tractor to sell as a dealer in upstate NY. When my father passed away in 2009, Roland  purchased this "last" tractor from us.